somebody help me :(


Theft Victim


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somebody help me :(

sorry if this is not the correct place to post this subject!

I'm looking for some ethical hacker with good heart that could help me with my situation that would be help to reach justice!

A person stole my usb stick at my home and I know his mail, cell phone and facebook profile

is it possible to run USBDeview and get the report to check if he has used my usb stick (that I know the serial number) on his cpu?

sorry but I'm desperate  :(

P.S: this is a disgusting situation with someone that I opened the door as a friend to my daughters birthday party and ended up to be a thief  :'(


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Re: somebody help me :(

if you have an EXE disguised from metasploit you can do a reverse_shell exploit into his/her computer
other than that you'll do a social engineering with phishing attacks so that you can ship your reverse_shell exploit and hopefully that person could double click it.

but that wont be ETHICAL in this forum....i gave you a suggestion/possible technique to get his machine  :D try it out at least you have the MOTIVATION to learn now
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Re: somebody help me :(


Welcome to Ethicalhacker.net

Is it possible? It is !

Do you have permission to do so? You do not!

Conversation ends here.


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Re: somebody help me :(

Theft Victim wrote:...A person stole my usb stick at my home and I know his mail, cell phone and facebook profile

Sounds like a case for the police.
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