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Doctoral student looking for eth hacker for Web App Attacks for Ph.D. Research

Hello -

Highly motivated doctoral student at Syracuse University looking for an experienced ethical hacker (CEH/Pen tester perhaps) in the Syracuse, NY, area to perform cyber-attacks against new 'Wireless Grid Edgeware' technology in SU research lab for dissertation research.

Must be able to perform attacks similar to the 2013 OWASP Top 10 'web application' attacks using BackTrack 5 (or possibly Metaspolit, Vega, Nessus). Must be able to collect and capture all data which is needed for analysis--no writing or analysis required--against this new technology. Looking at dates over the summer (May/June) to perform attacks in lab and gather data.

If interested, please reply to post for specifics or email me @ Looking to compensate for services.
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