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Ethical Hacker Wanted

Permanent, Full time position.  Excellent Bennies

This well known Chicago Loop company is about to grow from 4000 internal based users to 25,000 users on trusted and un-trusted networks, and by 2010 will be 125,000 users with servers across the US running every flavor of OS out there.

This person heads up the “ethical hacker” group, and will hire additional staff as well


Lead an organization focused on ensuring the security of enterprise information and information systems by identifying pertinent technical security vulnerabilities and developing corresponding risk mitigation solutions.

Manage and evolve organizational capability to continuously identify, analyze, and classify threats to electronic information and information systems. Based on internal and external historical data publish and update enterprise threat profile catalog including threat agent categories and relevant threat agent attributes.

Manage and evolve an organizational capability to identify previously unknown technical vulnerabilities in homegrown and COTS information technology components. Equip the organization with necessary skills and knowledge to conduct in-depth “white box” (e.g. source code review) and “black box” (e.g. reversing) vulnerability assessments and provide detailed technical vulnerability mitigation recommendations for new vulnerabilities.

Manage and evolve an organizational capability to report on information security risks arising from internally identified (by the vulnerability assessment capability) and externally discovered (by public research sources and product vendors) vulnerabilities coupled with the relevant threat agent profiles and the information and information system value measures.

Assist with the development of an organizational capability to verify that vulnerability mitigation recommendations were implemented effectively (this includes collecting necessary information, verifying the accuracy of the information, testing the solution, and building an assurance argument).

Salary range of 100-120K plus bonus.  Relocation package available

Interested parties should email

Steve Riess
Nu_Way Search, Inc.
866-689-2965 toll free