Help needed...




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Help needed...

hi i am new here so sorry if i posted in the wrong place.......i am interested in hacking for a living but i dont know where to start and what improtant skills should i need or learn so i would really appreciate if u guys could help direct me...

thanks again and sorry if i posted in the wrong place....


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Re: Help needed...

Hi and welcome aboard. I don't think theres anything wrong with the placement of your post, but then again I'm not a moderator here.
What kind of experience do you have? Do you work in IT? Do you understand how OS's work? Do you understand networking? Do you understand basic security principles?

Do you have endless patience and an unsatiable drive to learn and experiment?

What kind of help do you want? What direction are you thinking of going in?

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Re: Help needed...

Yes, welcome.

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You're in the right place.  ;D
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Re: Help needed...

Hey, Welcome to EH-Net,

Well, you havent mentioned any of your expertise domains like, Networking or programming.

For getting started, you need to know networking in depth. Like ports, protocols, port scanners, routing, domain names, DHCP and stuff like this.

Dont worry if  you dont know any of these things, getting started is important !

You may start by working with a local netrworking service providers.

Learn the security concepts, what is data, data storage and the vulnerablities in a network, how to secure them.

These days , there is a big boom for this industry, but you have to be perfect !

All the best for you !!!
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Re: Help needed...

Welcome to the forum.  The first thing I would recommend is to do research into what the day to day work an ethical hacker is engaged in.  Check it out as fully as you can.  Once you know that, then you can decide if putting the effort in will be rewarding for you. Its not for everyone and some people don’t like the paper work and travel, etc… 

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