How many of you...




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How many of you...

obtained your CEH without attending a class?


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Re: How many of you...

Hey rennen,

Welcome to EH-Net. We look forward to your continued participation.

I attended a class with The Training Camp, but one of our columnists, Dan Hoffman, did self study and reported on his experiences.

Review: CEH Via Self Study

Were you just curious or were you planning on giving it a go on your own?



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Re: How many of you...

I did the self study route. I used mainly the CEH Exam Prep book by Michael Gregg, but supplemented it with all the suggested reading and links at the end of each chapter. I also watched some CBT's and I also set up my own virtual lab using VMware, and tested everything that I didn't understand. You can read more info about my VMware lab in this article, and you can find some comments and updates in the corresponding forum thread.

BTW, welcome to EHNet.

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Re: How many of you...

Yes, Welcome.

I attended the class. Couldn't have passed without it.

Some people can do self-study, and some can't. I like to do classes, so I can have somebody to ask questions.

But that's just me.
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Re: How many of you...

i self studied and passed.

now i'll caveat that with i get a LOT of lab time with learnsecurityonline so i was able to use the LSO lab or my lab to practice alot of the tools.  i also built the lab and created labs for our CEH course  while studying so all that i am sure helped me with a first time pass.


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Re: How many of you...

  I attended a 5 day boot camp. I am sad to report that it was terrible. The only thing the instructor did for most of the 5 days was read the footnotes from each slide that was presented in the book. It was like he assumed no one in the class could read.  For those of you familiar with the Ec-council courseware, these books contain hundreds of pages that contain just a screenshot of a program with often just a little comment. Imagine having someone projecting the image from each page up on a screen and then read the comment from the page word for word!  I don’t want to mention the name of the school because I believe this was more about the burned out instructor who made it clear that he was going through a divorce and was leaving the school in a month.  Talk about lousy luck getting that guy, lol!  I do believe there are some first class boot camps and I have attended some I thought were excellent on other security topics.

Any way, thank god I already had a good foundation of the material and that’s what saved me.  Given my experience I would say I am a big supporter of taking the self study path.    If you combine your self study with a few good books and some online training like LearnSecurityOnline so you have some lab access and get tips on this forum you will be set!  Not only will you pass the CEH, but more importantly you will actually understand the fundamentals.
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