Troubleshoot with the configuration of WarVOX [Newbie]




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Troubleshoot with the configuration of WarVOX [Newbie]

Hi everyone,

I was wondering about how Wardialing working, and noticed that BT5 R3 does have the last version in. So i updated the program, and followed the instructions which is explaining to set Asterisk in order to use IAX protocol.
I did so, and the programs seems to be working, because i can access to
But to make a simple call test, it failed.

Since i didin't configure anything in WarVOX, and i was wondering what I should do ? There's a "provider section" which is asking :
The IAX2 server name : where is it ? is it in /etc/asteriks/sip.conf ???
The IAX2 port (normally 4569) : You think this is correct ?
The username to access the provider : Is it my ISP ?
The password to access the provider
The number of available outbound lines: No idea

I already googled every information that i could find, but Warvox I guess is not really famous, and also complicate because of Asteriks...

I wish you could help.

Thank you


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Re: Troubleshoot with the configuration of WarVOX [Newbie]

Yeah, there's not much out there regarding Warvox.

I recommend bypassing the whole Asterisk thing and using RapidVox as the provider (link).

You will put their server name in the IAX2 server name box, and your login credentials in the appropriate fields.

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