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Re: Security Dashboard


I dont exactly have a dashboard but if I could I would put all my monthly reports in it. Right now I provide a monthly report which has graphs and charts (Top 10) covering the following

1. Virus - detected, cleaned, PC name and Username (identify repeat offenders)
2. Patching update
3. Graph on number of attacks by type
4. Graph on most targeted servers
5. Any security incidents within the month.
6. External vulnerability scans - server and number of vulnerabilities identified/fixed.



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Re: Security Dashboard

Dengar, you should check out OSSIM which has almost all of the reports you requested. *If not* all of them


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Re: Security Dashboard

If I may...

I worked 3 years developing Dashboards. I have been an assistant-director at one point in my life and I am a project manager (ok, so much for the big head! ;)).

What they want to see is a status report easy to understand, maximum 3 pages. You need these 5 things, in that order:

1) Executive summary (Green, Yellow or Red with a 2 line description of the current situation)
2) Accomplishments (What you team has accomplished since the last report)
3) Risks and mitigation strategies (What are you afraid of but didn't happen yet)
4) Issues and actions (What is wrong, currently)
5) Next Steps (what are you planning to do next)

I am telling you, they want these things more than a bunch of graphs.

You provide the facts and they make decisions. You propose and they chose.

Anyway, better than a dashboard if you want my opinion.

Another question, do they have security-related Performance Indicators to report on? If it is the case, you may want to have a graph or two about them...
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