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Add external library reference to an already existing makefile (apache)

I am under windows and I have to compile an old 1.3.9 version of apache using visualc++ from command line (nmake to be exact).
Normal compilation is very straightforward, I just have to enter

nmake /f makefile_win32.txt

I added, using a tool, some dignostic lines of code to apache source code.

These lines belong to an external library, myLibrary.lib and now some apache source files starts with

#include "myLibrary.h"   

I need now to edit the makefile (I think, maybe I just need to add some compilation flags to nmake, I don't know...) in order to take into the account the new include and the library reference.

I'm not very good in this kind of stuff and I don't know where to start so I ask to you.

If you want to see the makefile you can find the entire source code here: ... 3.9.tar.gz, it is one ending by win32.
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