Post Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:16 am

Re: DerbyCon 3.0

I went, I got there a little too late to see Tim Tome's talk, which was the only talk I really wanted to see this year. The video is up, so I got the get the repeat.

I however spent most of my time in the iamthecavalry congress. I went to all sessions after seeing Josh's talk Saturday morning. I think they've got a good idea going, and instead of hoping it does good or fails trying, I want to help see it succeed.

While on the surface they keep talking about research, it really does affect all of us. Yes it was U.S. centric but if we have laws here where hacking tools are deemed illegal that means the stuff we use daily like nmap won't be allowed.

It was pointed out that Texas already had one bill that accidentally made hacking illegal, and someone else pointed out that Florida outlawed computers on accident.

I think one of the best things I heard was we (the people that do the research against cars (Charlie Miller and the like), and the people that do med devices (Jay Radcliffe, and the like), are the second level of Quality Checks, because we have to use this and want make sure it's safe for us and our families.