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Now Hiring - St. Louis, MO

Hey Everyone,

I'm working with multiple clients in the St. Louis, MO area that are growing their IT Security Teams including Analysts, Engineers, Managers and Architects. I have multiple positions so the job description I will be listing is not the only opportunity I have available at this time. If you are interested in a new career in this area and you would like to talk please email me at!!

Educational Preference: Bachelor of Science (BS) Information Systems

Experience Preference:
• 5+ yrs experience in the field or in related area or demonstrated ability required
• Preferred : CISSP, CISM, CISA certification

Required Skills:
• Technical Skills – must have expert/senior level skills

Technical components needed:
• Needs to know network security
• Needs to know how firewalls work and how they are implemented
• Needs to know routers
• Needs to think like a Hacker to understand cyber security and attacks – do they know how hackers break into a company; they need to emulate a hacker and need the tool set to know how to hack
• Needs to read bits and bytes
• Needs to be able to describe algorithms
• Needs to know Spyware software
• Needs to know Wire Shark for Unix and Windows (tool for network troubleshooting)
• Needs to know Fiddler (web debugging tool)
• Needs to know PKI (public key infrastructure)
• Metasploit (tool to exploit vulnerabilities)
• Needs to read blogs and twitter feeds to know what the latest new “thing” is for security issues; what should we be worried about
• Needs to know to some extent any flavor of Unix and should know basic Unix commands
• Needs to know Qualys or Nexus or Nexpose (tools used to detect network vulnerabilities)
• Needs to be able to read traffic going across the line and decode the traffic going by


Nick Chapman