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Welcome to Career Central

We don't want just a job... we want a career.

We've received numerous requests offline if we ever thought about having a spot for job postings and career advice for ethical hackers, pen testers, security professionals and the like. Well here is our first stab at such an effort. The Career Central main board is for the sharing of career advice from the newbie to the uber-pro. Need help with your resume, having trouble with your interviewing skills, not sure how to achieve your goals... this is the place for you. We have a number of wonderful members of the EH-Net Community that not only share with you their great technical skills, but also have plenty to share on getting you where you want to be professionally.

Career Central also has 2 sub-boards:

Looking For Work

This is where you can post your desire to work or let people know the services you have to offer. Be careful not to post too much personal info! Although we strive to be a respectable online publication for security professionals, we are also open to everyone. While we're at it, please try to keep the marketing and self-promotion to a minumum.

Looking To Hire

Everyone is welcome to peruse the job offerings posted here. No replies are allowed, but feel free to contact the recruiters directly using the provided info in each listing. Email lookingtohire (at) if you are a recruiter or employer looking to participate in this new effort. It's free while we work out the kinks. I think we call that a win-win!

Let's consider Career Central as being in a beta phase. Your feedback will help it grow and evolve. The main goal is to be THE place to go for security professionals of all types to have an open and honest forum with which to grow their careers.

Here we go...

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