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(ISC)2 Announces Expert-Level Cyber Forensics Certification

From (ISC)2:

(ISC)2® recently announced the Certified Cyber Forensics Professional (CCFPSM) certification – the new standard in cyber forensics. As an expert-level certification, the CCFP provides validation that a digital forensics professional can lead digital investigations that yield complete, accurate and reliable results.

CCFP Helps Candidates:
• Validate and enhance their standing as an advanced cyber forensics professional
• Instill employer confidence in their abilities and expand career opportunities
• Perform international forensics investigations using a common globally recognized body of knowledge
• Continue ongoing education on the latest advances in digital forensics science through CPE opportunities
For those who qualify, the CCFP exam tests competence in the six CCFP domains of the (ISC)2 CBK®:

• Legal & Ethical Principles
• Investigations
• Forensic Science
• Digital Forensics
• Application Forensics
• Hybrid & Emerging Technologies

Read the Exam Outline for a blueprint of the topics and sub-topics in the exam, suggested references and experience requirements.

Specialized, Hands-on Training
The CCFP Training Seminar is a five-day, high-intensity course using the latest tools and techniques in a live, hands-on laboratory environment that allows students to conduct a simulated cyber investigation. Leading the course are (ISC)2 authorized instructors who specialize in cyber forensics in law enforcement, academia, government service and the private sector. The training addresses each element of the CCFP CBK and includes:

• Lecture, demonstration and hands-on lab exercises for the first four days
• A comprehensive lab on the fifth day to analyze the evidence and prepare a report
• An evidence package to be used along with student-generated evidence
• A library of papers for students’ use and studies

This new training format and unique lab exercises will help students translate their training into real world scenarios.

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