Post Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:34 pm

A Fantastical Quest To Be The World's Greatest Hacker

Ok, this is going to probably sound like a total redundant question to ask, but I'm going somewhere with it, so humor me. My name's DW by the way and this is my first post here.

I'm inundated with so many different books about ethical hacking, penetration testing, programming, and the like. Now let's say I'm so inundated that I sometimes feel like I'll never get anywhere because I don't know where to start. This is where you, the good people of this endearing network, come into play.

My experience is with networking. I have my CCNA and I've also passed the CCNP ROUTE exam. See, with networking, I know exactly what to do and where to go for more knowledge. It's much less daunting to sort out what's good and bad for me in that capacity.

My question here is this. Let's say I am taking the first step down the path towards wanting to be one of the greatest hackers/pentesters this world has ever known. Again, humor me. What would be the perfect plan of attack. What books should I start with? There are so many different guides for penetration testing. Should I know Windows and Linux inside out? Should I master C and Python? Guide me down the yellow brick road. Don't hold my hand, just point me in the direction, and don't pull a Scarecrow on me. ;) Believe me when I say I'm a quick learner. I just need to know what exactly I need to set my sights on.

Thank you in advance.