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Break Into Pentesting

How to get into penetration testing is an often asked question on the forums, I came across this the other day and thought it worth sharing: wrote:Hack your way to the career you deserve with Breaking In: The Pentester's Hidden Handbook

Our first release, Breaking In is the ultimate guide to beginning professional penetration testing. Join 15 year veteran penetration tester Steve Lord and learn the processes, tools and techniques you need to hack your way into a pentesting industry career. Our guide contains more than a tools list, covering both the pentest process from start to finish and how to hack your career experience, lead job interviews and build a rewarding career as a penetration tester.

Breaking In will be released on the 28th of April, 2015. Sign up to our mailing list for a free 30 day email course on how to start hacking your career.


Even if you are already a pentester, one of the aims is to teach you how to a be a better one.

I've signed up myself, and based off of the first e-mail I've received, it does look very promising.
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