The encryption stops somewhere


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The encryption stops somewhere

Question. I have been researching and building my own ssh and vpn server at home, when i came across a topic about private and anonymous browsing. It brought up something called TOR networks and onion routing. I am familiar with onion routing but tor networks i am not nor with i2p project.

Here is my observation. Being a ccnp(been 5 years since i worked), to me, i cant seem to trust the TOR network because A) no idea if it can be trusted because you are now relying on someone else again to protect your data
B) your data may be encrypted to their networks but once it leaves their network to go out into the world, the encryption stops. Its like if i were to do an ssh tunnel to a server at a friends house. Do some private browsing from a public wifi but yet all data is being forwarded to HIS ssh server. the browsing data is NOT encrypted once it leaves HIS ssh server.

the encryption does have to stop somewhere because an ISP's router and switched network are sure not gonna encrypt it for you.

I mean, if i were to look up illegal material on a tor network, the data would point back to their servers leaving them as the fall guy. I highly doubt any company wants that

thank you for listening and any awesomeness added to this would be much appreciated

Just read a bit more on Tor. They have 7000 world wide servers, but still risky for the volunteer. If i did something stupid, they get the knock on the door..

All the servers are in diff locations because of the voluteers. Now my other question is how do you configure 7000 servers to route to eachother randomly whilst still keeping the VPN connection?


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Re: The encryption stops somewhere

I'm wondering the same question. Any help?
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