Testing IPS/IDS tools



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Testing IPS/IDS tools

Hello all,

I would like to test a IPS/IDS/WAF.
To do this I need some tools to generate some sql injection, XSS Attacks, Others Windows/Linux Exploits

For XSS , I use Xsser to generate about 90 xss attacks and I count the number of attacks that the WAF match. I can use also evasion with xsser to be sure it detects also theses attacks.

I need a tool to generate sql injection attacks , or another xss with more attacks ( like grabber?)

Can you tell me which tools can i use to do theses attacks automatization?

The goal is not to test a web application but to test the Purcentage of detection attacks with this ips/ids/waf.

Thanks for your feedback
Best Regards


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Re: Testing IPS/IDS tools

I'm no expert on this - but for SQLi try "sqlmap".

That's the standard 'go-to' tool for SQLi injection, and I'd expect the WAF/IDS to pick up at some least some of the strings it sends over.

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