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Tuning your John The Ripper

Hello EveryBody,

I want to share about Advanced Tech in Crack The Password with John The Ripper :

Maybe you now about KoreLogic Security. You can download


Running the command :

cat rules.txt >> john.conf

Example command lines are as follows:
# ./john -w:3EVERYTHING.doc --format:ssha --rules:KoreLogicRulesMonthsFullPreface fgdump.txt

# ./john -w:Seasons.dic --format:md5 --rules:KoreLogicRulesPrependJustSpecials /etc/shadow

You can see all rules in rules.txt

You can optimazi about your CHR smarter like rockyou : ... lanman.chr

if you download the rules.txt in first step you can running this rules

and you can smarter brute force :
./john --format:md5-i:RockYou pwdump.txt

You can use best wordlist in : ... /Passwords

This is good filter wordlist to crack the password...

if you want experience in hacking, you can learn in

Happy Hacking