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Surfing the Underground Darknet .onion Black Markets in 2014

Surfing the Underground Darknet .onion Black Markets in 2014 -

Good morning. Welcome to another episode of Cyber Secrets. In this episode, we will cover the basics of Tor underground black markets using .onion domains over the onion routing network.

Resource links:
The Tor Project:
Grams Search Engine: http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion
1776: http://n6tzonxy7sod7eqt.onion
Agora: http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion
The Andromeda Market: http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion
Black Bank: http://wztyb7vlfcw6l4xd.onion
Bungee54: http://bungee54uqchxfny.onion
Cloud Nine (C9): http://bviaqyj6obc54vhn.onion
Pandora: http://pandorajodqp5zrr.onion
Pigeon: http://pigeonkcmw5h44lq.onion
The Silk Road: http://silkroad6ownowfk.onion
The Pirate Market: http://yjhzeedl5osagmmr.onion
DarkBay: http://darkbay4rwgvdkqn.onion
Hydra: http://hydrampvvnunildl.onion
The Pirate Bay: http://uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion/
Hidden Service Search

Good Morning. Welcome to another episode of Cyber Secrets. In this episode we will discuss what a Darknet is, cover Grams Darknet market search engine, and Darknet black markets
The Internet can be a dark place. The deeper you go, the darker it can get. In the far corners of the digital expanse you may even stumble across networks so far removed from the Internet that they themselves are called by a different name. A Darknet.

Realistically though, a Darknet is nothing more than a network that requires a special path to get to. Like the realm in Alice in Wonderland, Alice was in her own Darknet of sorts after traveling through the rabbit hole. It could not be seen by those in the world she left behind. In geek terms, it is a private network where connections are made by a select number of systems. Think of a Darknet as a P2P network. For example; Freenet, GNUnet, private VPNs, I2P, and Tor are examples of this type of network. Some are easier to get to than others.

One of the most popular Darknets as of this broadcast is still the Tor onion network. This is the network we will discuss in this video.

I want to bring up a relatively new Darknet site called Grams. It is a Darknet market search engine. At this point it searches 10 unique black market websites.

When we search for the keyword drugs, you can see contraband results from all ten sites has been added to the results queue. An interesting feature that Grams added was the ability to filter out exactly what black markets you want to work with as you can see when searching for keyword passports
Now I will do a quick search for social security number or SSN. As you can see on the top of the list are counterfeit identities.

One of the markets that Grams works with called 1776 has a commercial that I have included in this video to give you an idea of how serious these markets are and how they are thriving.

Truth is, there is a lot of bad content on the Internet. It naturally gets worse when there is no accountability due to anonymity. There are little to no rules when there is little to no risk of getting caught. This Lord of the Fly's mentality sometimes takes over. This happens in sites like 4chan and is happening in the Darknets. Tor is in a sense, a fledgling Internet following in the footsteps of it's big brother. If you turn the wrong corner and open the wrong door, you may come across extreme evil.

As you have seen, there are drugs, fake IDs, and other contraband in these market places. There is also much worse floating out there outside those market sites such as assassination services and child pornography. Law enforcement is in a constant battle to catch these type of criminals and have even been successful by using computer exploits or malware to identify the suspects. The Darknet is not all evil though. There are many useful sites in this space and almost all of them are supporting freedom of speech and allowing the voices of citizens to be heard even out of the most oppressive of regimes. Tor is still an extremely useful tool to exercise your freedom from governmental censorship.

If you haven't heard of this next site by now, you should get off the Internet right now... The Pirate Bay or is the "galaxy's most resilient bittorent site. the Founders found themselves in a bit of hot water since most of the people that use the Pirate Bay are sharing content that they do not own and it is considered Intellectual Copyright theft. Now The Pirate Bay has a new .onion address

You just received a small glimpse of what can be found in Darknet black markets. You can even find botnets to rent and bulk credit cards to purchase. Keep in mind, not everything in this space is illegal or shady. With that said, it does seem easier to find in the fringes of digital deep space.