Post Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:37 am

Any experiences with UMUC Cybersecurity MS?

Anyone have any experience with the UMUC Cybersecurity Master's program? I want to know if the last 4 classes are worth the pain of the first few classes.

I've finished the Orientation class and the CSEC 610 Cyberspace and Cybersecurity course. And I'm feeling ripped off, and trying to decide if I want to stay in the program.

Everything covered in the 600 level class I did in Undergrad, with the majority being in 100 level classes at the community college for a CIS Associate Degree.

The labs were crack passwords with Cain and Able, use Microsoft's vulnerability scanner to scan a vm and report your findings, and look for the first 7 bytes of a jpeg in FTK Imager. Oh and there was a Stenography lab too. The group assignment was to create a methodology to hack a computer on the internet with Healthcare Records on it (professor didn't expect anyone to actually get data), and to help a company design a security posture.

I've been told the next $4,200.00 class (CSEC 620 Human Aspects in Cybersecurity: Ethics, Legal Issues and Psychology) is going to be another review / get people up to speed class.