Post Thu May 30, 2013 11:14 pm

Hardening a new MacBook Pro

I am looking to upgrade and get a new MacBook Pro.

What kinds of things can I do to secure/harden this new laptop before I gets hacked/infected?!

Also, what can I do so that when I migrate over 500GB of data from this MacBook, that I don't pass along anything evil which could be lingering here?!

Here are the few simple things that I have done/do currently...
- Set basic security settings in OS-X Preferences
- Now use a Wireless Data Plan
- Stopped using Free Wi-Fi
- Now use WiTopia (always)
- Don't download Music or Porn or Games
- Stay away from Dangerous Sites

I am *really* trying to move to the "next level" in security in my life, but could use some advice in getting there!!