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Re: [Article]-Book Review: Gray Hat Python

Been less than 'aware' of some if the threads this week, as I was out of town on business, and have been catching up on things at home.  Almost missed the topic switch to Jason and Ryan's book.  Looks like I'll be placing another book order.  (Thanks gents!  ;D )
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Re: [Article]-Book Review: Gray Hat Python

Thanks for the support  8) The book did really well at DerbyCon this weekend as well.



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Re: [Article]-Book Review: Gray Hat Python

Don't take this as criticism of your book, because it isn't. I haven't read it, but I'm sure it's really good.

I find it really frustrating though, when I go to a publishers site to potentially buy a book and I find that they want to charge me twice if I want the hard copy and the ebook version.

For some reason the publishing industry doesn't seem to be taking that step of saying, if you buy the hard copy of the book, you also get the ebook.

Nostarch, which is the publisher of the Gray Hat Python book does give you both copies without you having to buy the book twice....but I'm in the boat of not being an experienced programmer in Python (or any language). Other than a few introductory programming courses in college, no real experience.....

I have also been going through the free HTML-based Python "book" that is called "learn python the hard way", but it is really really basic.


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Re: [Article]-Book Review: Gray Hat Python

I have bought the book before christmas and read through it within 4 days.  I liked it very much.

While this book doesn’t make you a programming “pro” in all the various languages (this is not the intention of the book) it gives you quite some ideas (and examples!) on how to apply different programming languages  within a pentest context.  For me as a programming noob who worked through different basic tutorials in all the mentioned languages (python, perl, ruby, php, …) it was a real benefit. It gives you various new ideas for own projects. 

Here some more brief notes:
(please be aware, someone with a different background might see it totally different … so you have to buy a copy of the book and judge for yourself. I at least recommend it to people who want to learn more about scripting in pentest context.

* I felt the beginning of the python part was pretty basic, would have loved to read more about scapy at the end .
* I kinda found the chapter on “exploitation scripting” quite hard.  But I guess this is due to the fact that I haven’t had much contact with assembler…yet (it’s on my toDo list …). 
*liked the perl, bash part

Anyways, a big thanks to the authors!  I also wasn't aware that the authors are here on EH-net.

conclusion = buy !  :)
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