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      I’m curious about something. What is everyone’s view on the groups Anonymous/Lulzsec and their activities?

      Personally I do not agree with what they ‘do’. I can share a common ideal with them that information should be free, but I like to throw in a small caveat. I do not believe in sharing information with the public that could be detrimental to human life. Leaking information about the questionable practices of a large corporation is one thing, but messing with DoD and local law enforcement is crossing the line. I understand that ‘they’ argue that corrupt officials need to be ousted but what exactly did [insert random patrol cop’s name here] do to you? Some of them may be jerks or even scumbags I know; however not all of them are. Couldn’t punishing everyone and not just those responsible for wrong doings be compared to sending innocent people to jail?

      I dunno… that’s just my take on it. What’s yours?

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      Hey – a similar discussion took place in this post:,com_smf/Itemid,54/topic,7290.0/

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      *Puts dunce cap on head*
      Dang. Thanks… missed that one.

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      I don’t know what I think since I read Ranum’s rant

      Does the end justify the means?
      Do virus creators work for anti-virus companies to keep themselves in a job?
      How about black hats?
      Are some doing it so they can work both sides?
      Is it good for business and bad for society?
      The reverse? Neither/both?
      Does exposing government abuse make us safer or less safe?
      Should we take the high road or the pragmatic road?

      These are all tough questions that aren’t easily answered.

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