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      I’m not sure if my blog qualifies to be listed under “Links to cool sites,” but I’m going to be a bit cavalier and go for it anyway.

      I’ve finally got a couple interesting (IMHO) posts up, so I figured it’d be worth sharing now.



      Those posts were kind of random and spur-of-the-moment. There will likely be a few things like that sprinkled in over time, but I’m primarily going to focus on GSE and OSCE studies.

      Also, please follow @infosiege and retweet a recent tweet or two. I feel so totally inadequate with followers ranking in the single-digits 😉

      Constructive feedback is definitely appreciated.

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      Pretty cool, even though to me the mentioned blog entries aren’t new, but it’s a nice blog and great to see people highlight that XSS is more than session hijacking  ;D

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      Right. I’m just starting to get into the web app side of things, so my intention was more seeing if I could do it without any reference (and without knowing if it was even possible). It wasn’t intended to be ground-breaking research 😉

      My immediate goal is really to provide direction to people who are more-or-less at the same level as me and want to progress in a similar manner. I’ve found that providing instruction really helps reinforce the material for me (actually, that’s basic psychology that applies to pretty much everyone else as well), so hopefully I’ll be able to make some fairly significant strides while also helping others with their studies.

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      Sounds great and yes, writing guides, articles, etc., improve your understanding of the topics if you put a lot of effort into it, so I can see it’s a great way to improve not only your own knowledge but also others.  ;D

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