Writing a letter to EC-Council…suggestions?

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      Hey guys,

      I’m drafting a letter to EC-Council (to be sent along with my exam application) petitioning for an exam voucher regardless of my lack of two years of relevant experience. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should say to them?
      About all I’ve got going for me at this point would be the years I spent studying Information Systems Security- didn’t finish because the economy fell apart and I ran out of money, but technically I am still a student and I’m picking it up again within a semester or two.
      BillV, you’ve always advised me well on matters pertaining to ECC… 8)

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      Unfortunately, I don’t have any direct experience with this. I can only go from what other people have said they’ve included and then successfully received a voucher.

      That being said, you’ll probably want to include an introduction about yourself and your interests (also include what you have done and/or are researching, how you’re doing it and how long) and why you believe that should qualify you to sit for the exam. You’ll also want to make sure you say why you’re interested in the CEH (and how you think it may help you further your career/professional advancement, etc).

      I think if you cover those things, you’ll probably be in pretty good shape.

      Good luck!


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      Hmm…I see. Explaining why I’m pursuing ECC certification instead of others would probably be a good idea. Thanks Bill!

      I sure hope that’ll be enough. After we talked about CEH and the ECC in general I did some research and sort of became a fan of them; I’m really hoping they’ll let me take the exam :-

      Does anyone else here have any recommendations? Ideas? Or have any of you asked them to waive that requirement and succeeded?

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      I do not have experience in requesting a waiver based upon no experience, but i did submit a waiver based upon my security experience.

      I don’t think sucking up to EC-Council by saying why you want to take CEH rather than other tests would work.  I recommend speaking about yourself.  Talk about your experiences as a student, any volunteer work or work in with your own security lab.  Maybe you can get in touch with a previous teacher and have them write a recommendation letter.  Or just list some teachers as references (with their permission).  Also, do you have any other certifications?  List those as well.

      Honestly, the requirement is there for a reason and I am sure they require a compelling reason to waive it.

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      Please let me know how it went I would like to know EC-Council’s feedback.
      I’m still going to attend the PC Professor for CEH classes.Good Luck.

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      It went well. I faxed the application to them and received my exam voucher code the next day.

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      @unsupported wrote:

      Honestly, the requirement is there for a reason and I am sure they require a compelling reason to waive it.

      Money? j/k  ;D

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      You know it 😛

      Or maybe it was my debonair eloquence and rapier wit

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