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      Hey, this is my first post (and surely not my last) on EH.net … this is a huge community and I’m very happy to have found it.

      I would like some advice on making a career move.

      I am 23 years old, from Boston, Mass… never been to college but have 1 1/2 year Help Desk Administrator experience at a large consulting firm in Boston. I have a baby due on January 27th (my first, very excited) and I really could not bare to work a Help Desk job for the rest of my life… it’s torturous.

      I have taken dozens of career quizes online and according to my INTP personality, Ethical Hacking would be perfect for me. Complex problem solving is right up my alley.

      Anyways, I have a basic knowledge of computers and also Graphic Design… I am pretty fluent with HTML. Right now, I am in the process of learning Python on my own (I heard it was the best first language to learn and fairly easy).

      LUCKILY, I have enough money saved up to support my family and be able to go back to school for at least 2 years. My current plan is to go and get a degree in Computer Science… but I need more than that. I am really puzzled right now as to which direction I should be going to eventually end up as an Ethical Hacker… this is the only career with computers that REALLY interests me and makes great money…

      Please help me work out a plan… ask any questions, I will be checking this regularly..


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      First of all, welcome!  I’ve been around for only a couple months and already I’ve learned a lot, so stick around and you’re sure to pick up on great advice.

      To answer your question, I believe school is a great option.  I would suggest you focus on networking or programming, but you will need both to get into the EH arena.

      Secondly, keep up with news through twitter, RSS feeds, maybe the Hacker News Network, podcasts, etc. to keep involved.  Also sign up for webcasts like the Pen Testing Perfect Storm series by Core Security which I’ve found to be fairly rudimentary but still giving insight into what possibilities are out there for attack scenarios.

      Certifications are what get you in the door, so if you’re starting out maybe Security+ for starters, there are lots of guys with CEH here, or maybe the (ISC)2 certs like SSCP or CISSP which will certainly get you noticed when it comes to getting a good job.

      Lastly, eagerness and willingness to learn will get you far.  Stay focused and don’t give up!

      Congrats on the baby!!!  I just had my first in 2009 and it is an absolute joy.

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      Pls check this link:


      The answer of SIL is very informative!!

      Welcome to the forum!

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      Welcome to the forum m8! Enjoy your stay 🙂

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      I started college when I was 21 with the intent of getting into the security industry, I started university not long after doing an undergraduate degree in Ethical Hacking for Computer Security.

      I am now doing my placement (internship) with an awesome sec company based in the UK. I have one year left at university after my placement.

      Looking back I absolutely made the right decision. Luckily for me though, the English government supply students with loans and grants which meant I didn’t have to pay anything up front. Just means I will have debt when i graduate, which I can tolerate as i will be hopefully earning a good salary and be doing what I love.

      By no means is college/university the right decision for everyone however being able to dedicate 100% of my time to learning and being in the academic environment, made the process for me a lot quicker.

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      Thanks for all the good replies…

      I also read the SIL reply on that link… alot of terms were over my head, but I understand the basics of what he is saying.

      I guess my main concern is what I am going to do after 2 years of school and not really knowing where I will be at after 2 years… plus the pressure of making a wrong turn in my path could lead to a very costly and timely mistake. I just want to make sure that none of my time and money is wasted and also want to get the best education that I can get.. and also being able to make some money while still learning in school but not to take ALL of my time away from my family.

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