Worth 1 Yr subscription to Hakin9 ?

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      Hi All,

      I was just wondering if anyone thinks subscribing to Hakin9 is worth it just for one year.. Yes I know about the spamming etc, and recent NMAP trojan article.. 

      Recently I’ve been spammed with a discount for a yearly subscription which made me think a little..

      Currently I would like to change my career path to more security based IT work.  Originally I use to create OpenBSD firewalls/mailservers then ended up in infrastructure/SQL consulting for a few years.. so want to do something challenging, so more security based sounds like the right direction..

      I would like to learn up more on security related topics so, even access to Hakin9 past articles might be a good way to learn up. 

      Any thoughts or the recent happenings is enough of a deterrent for a subscription and its better to just dig through the net or pickup a few good books on the subject?

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      Welcome to the forums.

      I’d put that money towards something like eLearnSecurity or Offensive Security’s OSCP if I were you. Those courses will give you a lot more bang for your buck.

      If you want to brush up on older material, go to a blog like IronGeek or Carnal 0wnage and start from the beginning. There’s more than enough free material like that available.

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      That probably makes more sense, do the harder work finding out multiple sources then being dependant on just one magazine.

      BTW I love your sig –

      “The day you stop learning is the day you start becoming obsolete.”

      So true in IT!!  I need to play catch up a little.

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      Hakin9 is a hacking magazine. It is for you to update your knowledge, brush up your old experience and get more ideas and techniques from the industry.

      If you would like to learn from the beginning, find good textbooks or good courses. After you are familiar with the topics, you could go further by subscribing Hakin9.

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      Hakin9 is a joke.  They spam people to get them to write articles and they don’t even have technical reviewers.  Occasionally they get good articles, but many of them are really bad.  You can generally find better stuff online.

      Some pros recently submitted an article about NMAP that was complete gibberish (on purpose).  The acronym for the title was DICKS and nobody noticed.


      I wouldn’t waste a dollar on it.

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      Don’t subscribe to them!!!! Like it was said before they are a joke and just a spam club. I remember when it was a physical mag with CD’s and everything and they were really good. Those days are long gone and about 50% of what they publish is crap and out of the other 50% half of it is decent and half of it you can find on free resources. Stay away from them!!!!!

      Real places to go:

      Security Aegis, Irongeek, Securitytube, and of course google. catonmat is really good for scripting as I found just yesterday while browsing for a sed tutorial for a lesson on Hacking Dojo.

      So save your money for something worth reading!!!!!

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      I agree with Esojzuir, it was such a great mag when it was on paper but it’s just rubbish now! From what I have found from reading the free articles they publish most of the info can be found on the web for free…

      Save your money, get a book, do a course…

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      Yeah I remember grabbing a paper magazine edition back in 2005 or 2006..  seemed pretty good reading.. not sure about todays quality..

      anyways I’ve decided to check out other resources first to keep me busy.

      They seem pretty pushy with their spamming techniques as soon as they know your interested haha! watchout more spam.

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      It’s not just Hakin9 that has an issue with other peoples work….

      The Hacker News does the same thing. They seem to publish articles that have been just copied from other sites…

      This story about a new Linux Rootkit (http://thehackernews.com/search/label/Rootkit.Linux.Snakso.a) seems to be a LOT like this story (http://www.tomshardware.com/news/rootkit-malware-security-software,19271.html).

      This story about Shylock malware (http://thehackernews.com/2012/12/shylock-malware-undetectable-virus.html) looks just like this one on Trusteer.com (http://www.trusteer.com/blog/evading-malware-researchers-shylock%E2%80%99s-new-trick)

      It’s fine to use other peoples work but if you do make sure you give them credit! And if you are going to ask others to write content for you read it BEFORE you publish!

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