Wireless Pentesting Part 1 – An Overview

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      Phillip Wylie

      EH-Net - Wylie - Wireless Pentesting Part 1 – An OverviewAs networks and computing systems have become more secure through the evolution of next generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and endpoint security, attackers have shifted their focus. Web applications, mobile devices and apps, IoT (Internet of Things), wireless networks and the human element via social engineering have become more attractive targets for threat actors. Each of these targets are large enough subjects for books themselves, but in this article series we are going to focus on wireless network attacks. Although there are numerous types of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, LTE and NFC, this series will cover wireless networks or WLANs (Wireless Local Area Network) using WiFi technology. In this four-part series on wireless pentesting we are going to discuss the following;

      • Part 1 – An Overview
      • Part 2 – Building a Rig
      • Part 3 – Common Wireless Attacks
      • Part 4 – Performing an Actual Wireless Pentest

      [See the full article at: Wireless Pentesting Part 1 – An Overview]

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