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      Hello guys !!
      I’m new here and first of all i wanted to say thank you for all this priceless information that’s here.

      I’m currently studying Applied Informatics, and my time to write my thesis has come as i am on my last year in the university.
      So, i decided with my teacher that the subject of my thesis is going to be about Wireless Network Security – Attacking and Covering  your tracks when doing this .

      I would really appreciate if you could provide me with any information, anything..from sites, tutorials, examples…anything at all that has to do with this subject,that  you know and you’re willing to share it, would be really really helpful .

      I’m really interested in network security and that’s why i chose this subject, hope i will make it through this and present a good thesis at the end.

      Thank you all in advance !


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      Hey piersf, Welcome to the forums  🙂

      These links will be helpful for you to learn about Wireless Networks Security and also for your thesis:

      Hacking Exposed Wireless, 2nd Edition

      if you want to learn more about tools:
      BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner’s Guide book

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      Thank you very much  hurtl0cker… I really appreciate this… I will immediately start taking a look to these sites….
      Again thank you for your time…

      P.S : If anyone else knows something..please share it with me…

      Thank you !

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      Starting with the obvious:

      • Use a live cd such as backtrack on a usb stick
      • Change your MAC address
      • Use someone’s unsecured wireless router away from your house and preferably state (illegal)
      • Use regular security precautions- http://thc.org/papers/COVER-1.TXT
      • Use a VPN like vpntunnel.se that has been paid for with an untraceable money order under a fake name

      I highly suggest that you use this info wisely as none of it is foolproof and I hope you truly are writing a research paper (many new posters come here to find out just such info and end up getting themselves thrown in jail). Remember there are people here that work for the good guys, myself included, that do just that (get people thrown in jail).

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      Thank you WCNA for your time and your info !

      I just want to let you know,that i don’t intend to use any of these info for illegal purposes. Is just for my research paper and it goes only that far, and that’s it !

      I want to know what ways are out there to penetrate an wireless network and how to cover you tracks just for the reason of finding new ways to protect and defend an wireless network and new ways to  track down the bad guys, so to do that i have to first understand and know the other side. The network which i’m gonna apply all these techniques and try to attack is the one of my university, which by the way i have already been given the permission to do so by my teachers. Thus, there’s nothing illegal….. 😀

      I’m gonna use this info wisely and I’m also on the side of the good guys !! So again thanks a lot  my friend!!

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      For some decent videos, check out SecurityTube’s Wireless LAN security Megaprimer:

      For protection research WPA2 Enterprise solutions.

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      I know I am a little late on this but instead of writing about:

      “Wireless Network Security – Attacking and Covering  your tracks when doing this”

      Why not do a paper on “Wireless Network Security – Attacks and signatures left behind by attackers”

      This way you can still attack about how to attack the wireless network and the paper wont attract the wrong crowd and people wont ask you if its for illegal purposes.

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