Wireless interenet in Kuwait.

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      As some of you know I am on my way to Kuwait soon. Well tonight to be exact. I am trying to find a wireless card for my laptop as the system they have set up there is not quite working yet. I need a internet connection on a regular basis so that I can get school work done in my down time. I do not want to have to wait in line every day to use the community computers and like I said the individual set up is not sufficient as of yet.

      So here is my question. Does anyone know who the best provider would be for a internet card for my laptop. I have only had time to talk to cingular and they stated that it would be at dial up speeds and there would be a .01 charge for EVERY KB transfered which is a bit out there to me. My wife said she spoke with Verizon and Sprint who stated they have cable speed cards for $90 a month. I know we have a variety of people from various locations and just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on this.

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      best thing is to go in on a satellite link over there with a few guys

      haji can install it for you over there.  its not cheap for one person, but with a couple of people it can border on affordable

      if that is something you are interested in PM me your email addy and i’ll forward you some info i have

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