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      Anybody doing Vivek’s “easy” wireless challenge over at securitytube?

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      I was working my way through his WLAN security megaprimer videos, but then got caught up with work; didn’t even know there was a challenge.  Thanks for the heads up, I’ll try and check it out here soon.

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      I have been trying using the script that was posted, but I have run into some issues due to my lack of bash script understanding.

      Issue 1: Backtrack 5 doesn’t have the airpwn tool so no wep_keygen command
      Issue 2: Backtrack 4 is working, but wep_keygen isn’t creating the WEP keys correctly, I am getting an error about the WEP key being fed into Airdecap not being the correct length. I think the script is just grabbing the wrong thing, by I don’t have time to fix it because…
      Issue 3: I am supposed to be working… 😉

Viewing 2 reply threads
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