Win Penetration Testing Professional v2 Course by eLS

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      The give away for this month is Win Penetration Testing Professional v2 Course by eLS has anyone take any classes from them?  If so how is it compared to the OSCP class if you have taken that as well?  I do like the feature of being able to get hours instead of days in the lab.  Any other thoughts please throw them in as well.

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      You can read Jason’s review on the first version here. He will also do a review on the second version.

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      I have done the course and found it really good. Like most course it does not cover every single topic and the main difference from OSCP is  I would say elearn is slight more towards web testing as the exam is based on that and OSCP is aim more towards networks testing.

      I have not done OSCP yet but this what I get from other comments and reading reviews.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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