will this get me anywhere?

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      Hey I will be taking this major next year at the university and I was wondering where do you think this will take me.


      personally I don’t see a lot of classes that will help me out a lot. Tell me what you think
      And what will people think when they see this degree. Like what will the people hiring think? After i finish this I’m definantly considering this


      so yeah wil this get me anywhere?

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      Don Donzal

      Without even looking at it closely, I can say that it will “get you somewhere.” But the more important question is where do you want to be? Tell us more about your goals and desires, and then we might be able to help answer your question a little better as to whether this will get you there.

      Hope that wasn’t too vague,

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      We’ll I just really want to be successful, live a good life and make good money. I’m not really looking to get into a specific area. I love computers and I’m good with them. I know a lot for my age. I really don’t know where i want to go haha. Where will that take me? As you can tell im really confused about my future i really don’t have anyone to help me or guide me. I just don’t know 🙁

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      Artful Dodger

      Sure that could get you somewhere!  Particularly if you are motivated.  I was in a similar position as you.  I was actually in my third year of a bio-chem degree when I switched to computer science and engineering.  I though tI wanted to be in health care…but all of my electives were in CS.  Computers were a mojor hobby.  then a professor said “you know you can make money doing this”.  for some reason it never clicked, you can make money doing something you enjoy!

      Anyway, long story short, I would add a couple electives in development and programming.  this way you get to see that world too.  it looks like it is primarily networking.  The biggest advice I could give is, be curious…then be curious about being curious…then learn and learn.  Just latch on to what ever amuses you and be creative.  the beuty of this field is (for now at least) is that you dont really have to have a specific major to do a specific job.  Get the degree and get as smart as you can on what you enjoy.  Before you know it the good life will come.  I have this idea that if you get paid for something you would do for free or a hobby, you are rich.

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      I think it sounds like you have some great plans for a well rounded education in IT.  The courses seem to cover different areas and will keep you open to learn about each area and once you near completion of you BS/MS programs you can decide where you would like to specialize.  I have my Bachelors in Information Systems Management, I actually didn’t know what my specialization would be until after working for a year because I liked so many aspects, part of the reason I chose security.  You need a good amount of knowledge and skills in multiple areas to be good.  Best of luck to you, the road will not be easy but will end up being worth it.  My degree has done will for me and my masters will push me even farther!!

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      I agree. Be careful not to specialize too much unless you have a real reason to. Even then, try not to completely pigeonhole yourself.

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