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      I setup some tutorials for wireless networking stuff. Things like how to build WiFi antennas, improve your signal, how to make a solar power supply for your router, etc. Most projects are centered around Linksys WRT54G running DD-WRT open source firmware but I just got a Buffalo WHR-G125 router so I’ll be posting ideas concerning this router as well. For now I only have a tutorial on how to open WHR-G125. Take a look:


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      Don Donzal

      Welcome to EH-Net. Thanks for the tuts. I look forward to looking at them more closely.


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      Thanks Don,

      I’m working on adding an external antenna to Bufallo WHR-G125 router. I’ll be sharing the details when I get that done. It’s supposed to be better than WRT54G.

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      Here’s the latest. Increase the power of your Buffallo WHR-G125 router by adding an external antenna. The router comes with a non-removable antenna unlike it’s more expensive cousin WHR-HP-G125.

      The projects is quick and cheap to do.


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      Nice. I really like hardware hacks. That of course is where the term “hacker” came from. That was my beginning into all of this and I still have a real soft spot for hardware.  I am not sure about the majority of security people having that same interest. They seem to get way more excited by whatever the latest software that will make their job a little easier and secure.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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