WHO the hell is Pedro?

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      Just bought a new Gateway from Best Buy? Think again!

      Check out this thread I found on CastleCops. Makes you wonder. While not really about hacking, it certainly is UN-ethical.


      I have a buddy that used to work at a local Best Buy warehouse/repair outlet. He told me they told him he had to repair 5 laptops a day. If he couldn’t repair them, he was told to format the hard drive, reinstall the OS, and then give it back to the customer: “Here’s your machine back. Sorry, we couldn’t fix it. We wiped your data, reinstalled the OS. Sorry. Here ya go. Pay the bill. Bye.”

      I emailed him this link; he should get a charge out of it. I applied to BestBuy’s “Geek Squad” last year; nothing ever happened with it. No big loss there.

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      man that’s awesome.  i’d like to see what happens with that thread

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      As you can see, it’s not done yet. Stay tuned!!

      People are so stupid. Fact of life I learned way back in high school.

      ;D ;D

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