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      The New LT72884

      Ello all. It has been a while. My old account got really messed up and we have been trying to fix it but for now, i am using my temp one.

      So here is my question. I need a good usb antenna that works for linux and windows BUT the most importatnt feature is it needs to have great strength and power. im soooo tired of crapy signal in my house. The modem is downstairs and the PC is upstairs that needs a connection and running cable is not an option. wifi is all i can do.

      Someone once posted this as an option but im not sure if it will work for the distance factor


      Anyways. thanks much. I hope and hope i can get this to work.

      An option i have thought of but not sure how to do it is set up some sort of stand alone AP that will connect to the modem, then i can connect to the AP so the AP will be a middle man sorta speak. However, i cant run any cables to the AP. All it needs to do is forward data to both ends of the party. Maybe become a host via dhcp on the network then my pc can connect to it.

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      The alfa card’s are very well respected. Antenna wise, several of the experts at this year’s Defcon wireless village had high praise for this model http://www.simplewifi.com/mini-panel-2.4ghz-8dbi-sma-rp-indoor-directional-antenna.html

      It’s cheap, directional and low profile so it may fit the bill.

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      The New LT72884

      Im sooooo sorry it has been weeks since i saw this. I never receivved a notifacation bcause i acidently unchecked the box. Thank you much for the info. I will now be able to make a good decision and move forward. thanks

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      I love my Alfas, look around some are said to work on the AC band too, at least partially.

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