Where to start with cyber security ?

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    Where is a good place to sart with cyber security, not necessarily directly related to programming?

    I’m looking to cover a wide range of issues:

    Fire walls Networking setup XSS SQL Injection An then other things I don’t know I don’t know.

    My current experience is some programming, some networking. I know to clean my user input before sending to a database, etc.

    Where should I start? I’d like some print books to read, but other resources are also welcome.

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    The best to start cybersecurity is to get the training from the real-time experts through Cyber Security Training to get the knowledge from scratch and to protect the confidential data

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     Michael J. Conway 

    There is no right answer to this. I came out of the operational military side of things without a back ground in computers. I spent more time in physical security, particularly with how it relates to aircraft. I picked up cybersecurity when I went back to school for my bachelor’s and focused on it with my master’s. While the degrees helped to get my foot in the door, I still ended up going after several certifications.

    Winn Schwartau took a different route. He started as an audio engineer. There is no one way to get started.

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