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    I really want to break into the fields of ethical hacking and network security, I searched around these forums but they only seem to be for advanced people.

    Can anyone link me to beginner topics or help me out please.

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    hi, welcome to EH.net take a look at this thread:


    Necessary ethical hacker skills, the starter edition:
    OS basics for M$ and the *IX distro of your choice
    Internal network basics (switches, hubs, firewalls)
    External network basics (routing, IP, interaction with internal networks, etc)
    Relationship between services, ports, and how exploits work
    Some familiarity with coding (not expert, but can muddle through)
    Understanding of general web application construction (front/back end, etc)
    Some level of business sense (need to explain business impact of your findings)


    There are also numerous beginner books to ethical hacking, and network security in general.

    Do you currently work in IT or have IT experience?

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    No I do not have any IT experience..

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    Yeah, definitely follow that guide. If you can afford it look into a cbtnuggets or infinite skills membership.

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