What’s the right IT/Information Security Certification for me?

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      Dear colleagues,
      This is a question we frequently ask ourselves throughout our career, but the answer is not as simple as it seems.

      I’ve written an article that might help you to build a strategy when pursuing certifications.


      Feel free to comment both here and there; your opinion is always important!


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      Good read. I like the Y-Approach so much so that I borrowed it on my blog ;D

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      @Dark_Knight wrote:

      Good read. I like the Y-Approach so much so that I borrowed it on my blog ;D

      Dear Dark Knight, thank you very much for spreading the word! In my case, I’ve sat for many technical certifications in the past (+5 ago), but for the past couple of years I’ve taken all the Managerial/Compliance as I mentioned in the article (since that’s what my current career position asks for). What I see happening to me now is that my technical knowledge got very rusty, therefore I’m planning to sit for one or 2 more technical certifications just to refresh my knowledge.

      As I said, I’ve spent the past couple of years performing high level security assessments (ISO, PCI-DSS, COBIT, etc), audits and was happy withthat. Until a couple of days ago when I had an interviewer asking me to “give example of protocols sitting on the transport level”… That was a SHAME. I obviously didn’t have the answer at the top of my mind, even though I was a network/firewall administrator for such a long time in my career.

      I got so upset that I decided to write an article about the topic… I’ll let you know 😉

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      I look forward to that article. I have also been checking out the rest of your site and I must say its great.  So I’m now Subscribed.Keep up the great work.

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      Good article Adriano! Thx.

      Put choices people have to make within their career path in a good constructive prospective!!

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      funny, i started the other way around. when i landed my security job, i immediately pursuit CISSP. i’m not saying it was the best idea, but i’m glad i did. another thing to keep in mind that could come in handy is this:


      remember that the only gain you will have is with the points mentioned by Adriano!

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      Very nice write up, Adriano! I’ve also been moving more into a less technical role, doing more audit  and C&A type work of late.

      Oh, and I, too, have now added your blog to my subscriptions.

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