What’s the first cert to get?

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      Hi there, just getting into the proffesional IT career and I have no certs.  I know i want to go in the infosec career path, but not sure which way to go.  Can i just go straight to CEH, and SSCP etc., or do i need to start at A+, Network+ and then the security focused certs.

      Any thoughts?  They would be greatly appreciated.

      Oh and I love this site.  I check it everyday!!

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      Don Donzal

      First of all thanks for the compliment on the site. Much appreciated.

      Before I give you some thoughts, let me ask a few questions. Do you have a degree? Do you desire to eventually move into management or do you want to stay in the trenches and become an elite geek? I know you just started your ‘professional career’, but how many years exp. do you have in IT? in security? Do you like the OS side (MCSE, RHCE, etc.) or more of the network side (Cisco)? Do you code?

      Every path can be different. Not everyone has to start with an entry level CompTIA cert. Some can move ahead without them. Some really need it for the basic knowledge. Others need it to get into the swing of taking tech exams.

      This will help me start to answer your question.


      PS – Peruse our sister site for a broader view of security cert info – http://www.certifiedsecuritypro.com

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      Don Donzal

      Hey beathacker,

      We just put up a full chapter on infosec career building. You might find it interesting.

      InfoSec Career Hacking: Ch 2 – Social Engineering For Profit

      Hope this helps,

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      Do you want understanding or certs? If you go for the certs first, you won’t get the understanding. Better to get some experience and take classes in your areas on interest first.

      Unless of course you just want something to hang on your wall.

      Sure you can do them together, but I’d go for experience first in networks, servers, clients, Internet, etc.

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      I say the first two to go for if you are starting out are A+ and Net+.  Getting experience is sometimes tough without an entry level cert.  Volunteering is a good way to get a foot in the door and make your start.

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