What would be the best certification in Ethical hacking?

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      I have planned to purse an ethical hacking course in chennai, for that i would like to know some information related to certification. If someone has knowledge about this please tell whether certificate from EC council is worth able or not.

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      First, let me tell you this has come up on the forums here, many times (one such link at the end of this reply). I’d suggest using the search at the top, to see if you can find more of those and read up on them, then bring more specific questions to us. šŸ˜‰

      The value of CEH depends on what you want it for. By that, I mean, are you using it to get past HR hiring / interview filters, or are you looking to really build on it and use it as a stepping stone towards other certifications?

      CEH does have its value, in both scenarios.

      First, it’s great for most current HR filters, but admittedly, if you get to second and third interviews, with higher-ups in the security field / department of the organization, you’ll still need to bring your ‘A Game’ and show what you know, not just that you hold the CEH certification.

      As for the technical side of CEH, it has progressed beyond it’s early days, where it was more book knowledge than hands-on. It’s still dwarfed by certs such as eLearnSecurity’s and Offensive Security’s, with regards to really learning and performing hands-on pentesting. That said, however, if you get the right instructor, you may get more value from the CEH course than others would (many instructors stay after class to explain more than just the book / theory, and dive deeper into the tools. If you’re lucky enough to get an instructor like that, it’s beneficial).

      It’s also good for ‘networking’ and meeting other like-minded learners.

      A good thread about starting out and certifications can be found here:


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      I’m of the same mind as Hayabusa. The CEH is a good first step and will help you get past HR. The eLearnSecurity and Offensive Security certs are more technical (based on feedback from others) and the SANS certs are also supposed to be very good (as is the accompanying training) but they’re expensive. If you’re getting into network pen testing, I would recommend pursuing the CCNA. The networking concepts are critical and it would be beneficial to know how to navigate Cisco equipment. If you have a college degree, that helps too. Any degree helps with HR. A good CS or CompEng degree program is best because it will help you build some solid, general technical skills (e.g. writing code). Above all else, pursue what you’re interested in and keep building your skills.

      If you’re a career changer or shifting from general IT to security, focus on certs and set up a lab at home. If you’re fresh out of high school, college is the best place to start.

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      Dear Friend you cannot learn hacking with just certifications. And One particular course of hacking will not make you a certified Ethical Hacker. You need to keep learning different things about hacking from time to time so, you can become a Cyber Security Professional. One thing which you should do is go for Free courses available on different Online Academies. I recently enrolled into a Forensics course related to Hacking you should try it too, Its FREE and it will give you bit of an idea of how easy it is to learn from Online academies. There are many certifications in this academy you can do them one by one and your C.V will be filled with professional hacking certifications. Here is the link to the FREE Forensics course – http://academy.ehacking.net/courses/computer-hacking-forensics-investigation

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      Hi Friend,
      If You are Looking for Certified Ethical Hacking Training institute in Bangalore, then Blue Ocean Learning is the Exact Place to You to Go, where you will get the End-to-End Training in Cloud Computing Technology.

      Blue Ocean Learning Ethical Hacking Training includes the Following:


      Introduction to Ethical Hacking
      Foot printing and Reconnaissance
      System Hacking
      Trojans and Backdoor
      Viruses and Worms
      Social Engineering
      Denial of Service
      Session Hijacking
      Hijacking Web servers
      Hacking Web Applications
      SQL Injection
      Hacking Wireless Networks
      Evading IDS
      Buffer Overflow
      Penetration Testing

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      The CEH is an excellent first step that will assist you in moving past HR. The SANS certs are also said to be extremely good, but they’re pricey. The eLearn Security and Offensive Security certs are more technical (based on feedback from others). I would recommend pursuing the CCNA if you are interested in network pen testing. Understanding networking concepts is essential, and being able to navigate Cisco equipment is advantageous. It is also beneficial if you have a college diploma. HR is aided by any degree. A good CS or CompEng degree programme will help you develop some basic technological skills. Above all, pursue your passions and continue to improve your abilities.

      Know more about CEH

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