What information is needed to transfer money?

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      I urgently need to make a money transfer from my company’s account to another company’s account. I can’t find information on what data I need for this. Awful interface of the bank’s website.

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      A terrible interface is a problem for many companies and banks. I don’t understand why it’s impossible to make a good and user-friendly website or application.

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      Can you tell me where to get a payday loan? I am currently in a difficult situation with cheddar and need your advice.

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      You should think carefully before taking out a loan. Although I can tell you from experience that I have only once been saved from starvation by a quick loan. When the pandemic started, I was fired from my job almost immediately. The situation was not easy and I had to take out a loan from this North Carolina payday loans company https://payday-loans-cash-advance.net/NC/ . I am now employed and have closed the loan, but a few months ago I was in a different situation.

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      It depends on which bank you work with and which transfer and payment system you use. I can only talk about the platform https://genome.eu/sepa-transfers/, among the financial services of which there is the SEPA service, thanks to which the recipient will receive the money within a day. For such a transfer, you only need to know the person’s full name and IBAN.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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