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      As the majority of the community saw in my previous post, I am currently working on my Associate’s in Network Systems Administration. My question would be what certifications would best for me to get in the Networking field, as this is where I plan to start with for my path to the Security field.

      Secondly, I would like to put my twitter account out, you can follow me @TheStafford. I want to get to know the community and start networking with people to get my name and credentials out there to see what I need to work on so I can set myself up for the best opportunity to get a job once I leave the Army.


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      Don Donzal

      Welcome to EH-Net and thanks for your service.

      As for networking certs, Cisco CCENT is a great place to start. Even if you don’t work in a Cisco shop, this covers basics of networking and is a respected cert.


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      While getting my CCENT is a great building block, I obviously would have to get a CCNA or CCNP to acquire a job in the field as I work towards my career in Security. I don’t really plan on going much farther than a CCNP and a Net+ before trying to push into security more. Those certs are just to get me a good job so I can support myself and my wife still when I exit the military.

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      You get the CCENT when you pass either of the 2 part CCNA Exam. Net+ would be on par with it from what I understand. Well maybe not quite, but yeah. Considered another entery level cert, while the CCNP is a little higher (so is the CCNA compared the to the Net+).

      Only reason I want to get the CCNA again is to take the CCNA Security. Just for fun.

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      I am in the same position as you.  Former Navy, BA degree (grad in June) only had my Security+ and no job offers.  I recently got my CEH & CHFI and have gotten way more interest in me in the three weeks I’ve had the extra certs.

      So my suggestion is to get Sec+, Net+, CEH, CHFI….then it’s up to you.CCNA, CISSIP…Master’s Degree.

      Oh and I got a job almost lined up too just because of the certs. 

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      Well I’d essentially be getting the CCNA to get a job, I have been doing research and it seems like people have a lot of trouble coming straight out of college with no experience and trying to get a position in Security. Plus, the cert will give me a good base to work off of.

      More or less, I am just playing the numbers but since I will be getting my bachelor’s soon after I exit the Army, it would make sense to go ahead and get the security certs.

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      Getting into security is not a easy task in its self as long as this what you want to do 100% you should not have a problem. All I can say is work hard try teach yourself as much as you can and try get involved with other professional who work in security.

      Networking is very important I don’t mean the technically kind either knowing people who work for security companies is good way to get your foot in the door.

      When I left uni I wanted to work in security and that all I would accept I got job offers for working in help desk,developer and other IT related jobs. And I turned them all down as I only wanted to work in security. I went to events meet people got business cards and everyone I met was very helpful.

      If you can afford it maybe try get the CREST CRT or Tiger QSTM certificate this will help you.

      If you need any more help let me know..

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      I will definetly take all the help I can get. I love working with computers and I definetly have found the field I want. I just purchased the Counter Hack Reloaded book a ton of people have suggested to me just so I can start immediately.

      I have started here with the EH forum, but I am currently in Iraq for a couple more months, so really getting out and networking is an issue at the moment. But rest assured that I will be doing as much as possible once I get back.

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      Another thing to piggyback Jamie’s comment in regards to networking. 

      Is to not burn any bridges.  You may need them later on when it’s least expected.  Bit your lip and put on a good show but also be genuine. 

      This happened to me within just the last few days.

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      Yea, I am pretty personable and willing to do what it takes, so I don’t see many issues with at the least getting my name out there.

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      I agree with Joshsevo comments you will find once you start to network in the UK it’s such a small field that everyone knows everyone.

      Well I would say for time being stay in touch with security news try teach yourself as much as you can why you are in Iraq (stay safe too) and when you come home try go to events and meet people and just keep at it.

      Warning you might find it very frustrating as its pretty hard to get a job in security in the UK as most companies will only take you on if you got years of experience. but if you stick at it there are a few that don’t mind training you.

      When you are back in the UK where will you be based ?

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      Well, I am from the US, not the UK. I am currently based in Kansas, but my wife and I will be moving back to Florida once I get out so I can finish my Bachelor’s degree and get in the field.

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      You can start to Network now.

      Get on USAjobs.com and start looking at the jobs that they have posted.  Get an idea of what certs to get because these jobs will post that info.  Other sites do this as well. 

      The Govt like to use the GIAC certs.  So checking out SANS university (not a college) and try saving some money now to attend those courses and then get the cert at the end of the class.

      Being in Afgan should give you some time to study.  Study read up on books.  Have ur wife send you a cheap laptop she bought off craigslist for you and then use that to hack into and practice so when you get out you can be well preprared.

      Job market is tough right now.  So you need to make yourself look better than me.  How are you going to do that?  Figure it out.  Send out random emails to companies seeing if they can offer you advice on how to get into the field and what they would do or what they did to get into the field.  I’ve done all of this stuff as well as taking classes at SANS & InfoSec (and still no job)

      Keep ur head up.  You and I will both get a job in the fields we love with some hard work.

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      I recently had one of my engineers discuss certs with me and he is wanting to get his CCNA. I told him that is fine but really if I was looking for resumes and they were all similar but someone had a Wireshark CNA cert, that to me would stand out just in terms of uniqueness. It’s a great way to get really hands on networking knowledge without buying cisco devices or all the study materials. Also, I’m all for certs but I recently interviewed someone who had just about every entry level (+ FAMILY) certification and certs certainly aren’t everything to be short. Know the stuff, work hard, put the time in.

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      From my experience.. I would complete the CCNA before any type of security certs (CEH, CHFI,etc..). Having that type of network knowledge before running into security certs would be a great asset for you.

      CCNA>Sec+> CEH> CHFI>..the rest is up to you

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