VulninuX (A new Vulnerable Linux)

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      Hi there!

      I’ve learned to create customized linux distros. Now i wanna make a vulnerable linux server (named VulninuX) for hacking labs. Vulninux is based on debian (wheezy) for now it only runs php, mysql, apache. I installed and configured DVWA, Webgoat
      And OWASP for web application hacking and sql injection.

      Can you please tell me what kind of vulnerabilities my distro should have?
      What kind of vulnerable application and services are available for debian?
      I installed vsftpd 2.3.4 on vulninux but i couldn’t exploit the backdoor of it.
      Would you mind giving me the right package or the backdoor code? Because i couldn’t find it on the internet.

      Thank you for your time. I wish i can release vulninux 1.0 for all pentesters in the world!!!!!

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