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      Hey everyone

      Well it’s been over a year since I last logged in here. I’m still working at the same job I had before doing Tier 3 tech support for a company in the DPI industry. Just FYI, I got the job thanks to the CEH certification I had after winning a tutorial book and exam voucher here @ EH Network.  😀 Thanks again Don!!!

      Anyway I hope everyone here is doing well.

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      Hey Negrita,

      Welcome back and good to see you posting again 🙂

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      Don Donzal

      As you can see, we’re still alive and kicking. Glad to see you back.

      As an FYI to all you other EH-Netters, Negrita actually was a member of my first venture into online publishing, certifiedsecuritypro.com.

      Thanks for sticking with me,

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      Clay Briggs

      Welcome back!  Been quite a while, I just started popping back in myself… though I’m no longer with the agency I was with before.  I’m now with a new one.  Glad to hear being part of the community helped out like that!  I’ve been suggesting a young computer security student who I’ve been mentoring get into the community here, he’ll be excited to hear about that.

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      Thank you BillV, Don and g00d_4sh for your welcomes back.

      I haven’t done any certs since March 2006 and so I doubt I can help with any cert info. I also don’t use VMware at work (even though I have BackTrack4 on VMware Player installed on my laptop) and so I doubt that I could add any new info to the tutorial I wrote here a few years ago. I still hope that I can continue to contribute here with any other knowledge I may have which people might need.

      g00d_4sh please note that I didn’t get the job based solely on the CEH cert. I learned a great deal while studying for that cert and I still use MANY of the tools I learned about on a day to day basis at work.

      The CEH cert gave me a foot in the door. The VP of my department was looking through the resumes of all the candidates that had passed the HR and technical interviews and he saw the CEH logo which I’d placed as a footer to my resume. He said to me that he was so consumed with curiosity about it that he couldn’t resist inviting me to be interviewed by him. He wanted to know how a hacker could be both certified and ethical and also who in the world would want to certify a hacker. Once I had my foot in the door it was my own personal and technical skills that actually got me the job. Please tell this to your protege.

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      Clay Briggs

      Heh, I think you may have missunderstood me Negrita. 🙂  The kid I’ve been mentoring, I’ve simply been trying to encourage him toward joining in with the discussions here, asking questions, and generally making use of the community of experts here as a way for him to develope his knowledge of the wide world of computer security, and perhaps help him find the right path for him.  Getting certs gets your foot in the door sometimes as you suggested, but it’s your skills that will get you the job (or help you keep it).  Once again, great to hear you’re back!

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