vijay2 wins SANS Mentor of the Year award

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      w00t! EHNet member Zohar Anis aka vijay2 has won this year’s SANS Mentor of the Year award  ;D

      From SANS website

      (Bethesda, Maryland) June 9, 2010. The SANS Institute is proud to announce their Mentor of the Year award recipients. This year there were two award winners.

      Zoher Anis and Christopher Crowley, both from Gaithersburg, MD, earned this coveted award.

      The Mentor of the Year Award is given to SANS Mentors who excel in their leading SANS Mentor Training classes in their local communities. These Mentors are the shining stars of the Mentor Program and are on the path to become Certified SANS Instructors. Mr. Anis and Mr. Crowley personally trained approximately 50 local security professionals in the areas of IT security, network penetration testing, and ethical hacking. Their students have learned the tools and tricks to defend their organizations against the attacks that are launched each and every day against computer systems across the globe.

      Also checkout his interview for SANS Technology Institute.

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      Congrats vijay2 – this is really a great moment for EH-Net and EH-Net members too. We are proud of you vijay2 – great going.

      All the best for your future endeavors too 🙂

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      Congratz vijay2 – well done.

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      Great job, vijay2!

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      Congrats! Awesome job.  ;D

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      Very cool!  Congratulations!

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      Don Donzal

      You recieved my private congrats, and I am more than delighted to give public praise. You have always been willing to learn, share and support. For that, you have been a multiple winner of our Monthly Giveaways,, and the honor from SANS is more than deserved.

      Honored to know you,

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      That’s awesome!! CONGRATS! Definitely well deserved. 🙂 And to think, last spring at ChicagoCon you were saying how nervous you were when going through that process with Ed and others at SANS. Great job!


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      Thanks a lot All, Its an honor to be recognised by SANS for our work.

      But, it beens a fun 15 months, I enjoyed every bit of the experience, always learned a few things while teaching others.

      E-Het is a great community and I can safely  blame it to put me on path to  Information security.

      Kudos to Don and all others to keep it going. I am guilty of not contributing to it as much as I should but Its been a tough few months.

      I still owe Don a few write-ups 🙂 Hope to get them soon. Thanks again

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      Congrats, vijay2 – nice job. 😉

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