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      Don Donzal

      Get a Packet Level Foundation in Incident Response!

      Video and Slide DeckEH-Net Live! - Aug 2019 - Wireshark for Hackers - Watch NOW! from EH-Net Live! August 2019

      For those who were able to join us live with Laura Chappell during Wireshark for Hackers, you were treated to an amazing display of expertise on Wireshark and how to use it as a network forensics tool. But what you also witnessed was a master educator starting from some very basic pointers on how to get the most out of Wireshark, and in no time she was ramping it up to perform a live investigation based on nothing other than a raw packet capture file. Laura then walked us through some tricks used to detect a bot-infected host, identify characteristics of a denial of service attack, and characterize sneaky non-standard port usage. After the technical demos, the audience was then presented with lots of career advice and resources on how to get the skills you need. And if that wasn’t enough, she generously stayed for an extensive Q&A session.

      When all is said and done, what you have here is more of a 2-hour workshop as opposed to just a recording of her EH-Net Live! webinar from Thursday Aug 29, 2019. You’ll have access to the entire video, slide deck and trace files used during the actual live presentation. To make it even easier to learn, we’ve also included the Wireshark profile (including buttons) she created to make your investigations more efficient. So now it’s your turn. Are you ready to learn?

      [See the full article at: Video – Wireshark for Hackers]

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