Video – Very solid DefCon presentation from the Metasploit crew

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      HD Moore and crew put on a very good presentation at DefCon this year.  The basic idea: uber-skillz are great for showing off but are no measure of your skill as a pen tester, having a broad understanding of a variety of concepts will get you a lot further.

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      interesting, so i cant just run tools and be a pentester? i have no know what i am doing and protocols and stuff?  very interesting.

      i was there for that talk, it was packed and really good and he gave the other half of it in the breakout room after, i heard the blackhat version was much better because he wasnt so rushed.

      and if you havent read the tactical exploitation whitepaper you should its really good.

      AND AND i did the smbrelay demo at chicagocon, in the video at defcon it really happens so fast you cant see it, gimme a bit and i’ll make the video public on

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      Good presentation, I enjoyed it. I’ll be checking out the paper as Chris suggested shortly 🙂

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