Video: TryHackMe – Behind the Curtain

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      Don Donzal

      Watch Now for Your Very Own Backstage Pass!

      EH-Net Live! - Aug 2020 - TryHackMe Behind the Curtain - Watch NOW!Video and Slide Deck from EH-Net Live! Aug 2020

      With the growing need for security professionals, a huge number of people are flooding the job market from a diverse range of experience and backgrounds. And let’s be honest… Why wouldn’t they? Hacking is just plain fun! What could be better than doing this for a living? However, many don’t have the technical background, resources or the extra time to setup their own learning environment. That’s where TryHackMe comes into play for all skill levels to learn with virtual, gamified, real-world cyber security challenges. There’s another common phrase that you don’t know what you don’t know. With InfoSec maturing as an industry, there’s numerous disciplines each with a vast amount of skills to learn. TryHackMe can also let you dip a toe in the water to see what is right for you, what grabs your attention and is worthy of the most precious commodity in the world… your time! Founders, Ben Spring and Ashu Savani, offer up the inspiration behind their company, some live demos of “rooms” and what the platform can do to advance your career in this webinar that was presented on Thurs Aug 27, 2020.

      [See the full article at: Video: TryHackMe – Behind the Curtain]

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