Video: Safe Harbor for Hackers

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      Don Donzal

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      EH-Net Live! April 2019 - Safe Harbor for Hackers - Video - Teaser ThumbVideo and Slide Deck from EH-Net Live! April 2019

      The Internet has an Auto-Immune Problem! It affects everyone on the planet, whether they’ve been the victim of a cyber-attack directly or not. Even those who have never logged on to the Internet at all (or at least haven’t yet) are affected because the new global economy relies on it! Good thing we have a growing population of diligent stewards who keep a watchful eye on these matters in the form of InfoSec pros, security researchers, pentesters… the Ethical Hacking Community at large. But even with the best of intentions, it’s still the wild west out there. Who now determines the latest definition of the tech slang term, netiquette when it comes to ethical hacking? In all honesty, it should start with us! But it needs to go much further than a general rule of thumb on how to act online. Members of the InfoSec industry need to lead the way in providing a global environment that encourages responsible security research to protect both the ethical hackers and the organizations that need their help, all while making it an industry standard. Is that even possible? We think so!

      Chloé Messdaghi and Jason Haddix of Bugcrowd show us how in this replay of an EH-Net Live! webinar from Wednesday April 24, 2019.

      [See the full article at: Video: Safe Harbor for Hackers]

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