Video: Learning AI for Hackers – A Visual Primer

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      Don Donzal

      Watch Now for a Career Foundation in Data Science!

      EH-Net Live! Dec 2018 - Learning AI for Hackers - A Visual Primer - Video - Teaser ThumbVideo and Slide Deck from EH-Net Live! Dec 2018

      Last month on EH-Net Live! we discussed a lot of big picture concepts on the growing AI presence in organizations, and, more specifically for our ethical hacking audience, how it’s marching towards an inevitable takeover of the SOC as we know it in “The Bots Are Coming! A Blue Teamer Survival Guide“. This month, we get our hands dirty with actual definitions not buzzwords and real examples not a bunch of “what ifs”.

      In true EH-Net style, we don’t just show up and throw up on the latest tech and how you can sound like the cool kid on the block. Our mission is to help security professionals with their careers, and we try to infuse that with everything we do from articles to our own unique social features. And our EH-Net Live! monthly webinars are no different. According to, the average salary for a Data Scientist is $127,175 per year in the United States. And Glassdoor pegs it even higher at $139,840 per year! We’ll teach you about data science and then go that extra step in showing you what it takes to become a “Security” Data Scientist.

      [See the full article at: Video: Learning AI for Hackers – A Visual Primer]

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