Video: IoT Hacking 101 – Firmware Funhouse


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      Don Donzal

      Watch Now for a Virtual IoT Village
      with a Hands-On Firmware Hacking Lab!

      EH-Net Live! - April 2020 - IoT Hacking 101 - Watch NOW!Video and Slide Deck from EH-Net Live! April 2020

      Every device imaginable now has Internet access. IoT promises to bring supply chain efficiency, decreased maintenance downtime, home conveniences, and much more. There’s a lot of power being bestowed upon these little guys. And with great power… comes great vulnerabilities. Every IoT device large and small needs an operating environment. In the IoT world of embedded systems, that’s called firmware. But what is it, how do we hack it and what are the impacts for your home, in your organization and on your careers? We’re very excited to bring you a mini virtual version of an IoT Village today, as Village IDIOT Labs joins us today for some IoT Hacking 101 goodness in this FREE EH-Net Live! webinar that was presented on Thurs April 23, 2020.

      [See the full article at: Video: IoT Hacking 101 – Firmware Funhouse]

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      Edward Jimenez


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